Energy / Renewables PCBA

Quality PCB’s are foundational to Energy and renewables.  Whether it is developing energy efficient LED lighting and controls or monitors for climate change and water levels.  Or creating battery swap components and charger components PCB will be key to the future of energy on the planet.  IBE understands this and that is why we are committed to delivering the best products the first time because this not only brings green energy to the planet but it also minimize waste that comes from flawed or poorly engineered pcb’s.

  • Solar Panels
  • Environmental Monitors
  • Battery Controls
  • Power Management
  • Predictive / AI Management
  • GPS Route optimization
  • LED Lighting and Smart Home
Smart Home Monitor
Smart homes are a booming industry. IBE has extensive background in manufacturing these products.

Smart Home Monitor

Video Game Systems
We manufacture video games systems, accessories and components.

Video Game Systems

Security Tether
We manufacture a broad range of retail and consumer electronics including security and tracking devices.

Security Tether

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