Electric / Autonomous Vehicles

PCB’s are becoming more and more integral to the transport industry.  With each new generation of automotive comes an increase in the volume of pcb / vehicle. From controlling the power systems to the traction control, quality components are crucial.  IBE can produce prototypes to the highest standards and bring those prototypes to scale all within the same company.

  • ECL/ECU control modules
  • Traction Control
  • Digital displays
  • Power relays
  • Dashboard
  • Transmission sensors
  • Radar
  • Audio systems
  • DC/AC power converters
  • Engine timing systems
  • Electronic mirror controls
  • Battery Control System
  • Airbag
  • LED lighting systems
  • Steering
  • Engine Control System
  • Air Conditioner System
  • Power Management
EV charging station
EV charging stations are being installed at a rapid rate with more and more electric cars on the road every day, IBE can bring your concept to market handling everything from initial engineering all the ways to final product assembly.

EV charging station

Auto meters
As vehicles become more complex so does the metering, let IBE create the metering device you need.

Auto meters

Domain Control Unit
Automotive electronics are becoming more and more complex, let our experienced staff make getting the product you need fast and cost effective.

Domain Control Unit

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